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Learn the Essentials of Fly Casting to Improve Your Fly Fishing Experience.

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Good fly casting techniques are essential for delivering the fly to the fish and improving the quality of your fly fishing experience. I provide Fly Fishers International (FFI) certified fly casting lessons for individuals and groups. If you are a beginner, I will get you started on the right path to developing good fly casting skills. If you are an intermediate or advanced fly fisher, I will diagnosis your cast and make suggestions as to how to improve it, while at same time taking into consideration your casting style. I look forward to working with you and sharing my passion for fly casting.

Free Fly Casting Evaluation – Have your Fly Cast Analyzed

for info and staging guidance. Video links or files (less than 40MB) can be sent using gmail, or via your email client to northwestflycasting@gmail.com.

I offer a video only program for those who don’t live in the Seattle area, or who are unable or don’t wish to attend a lesson. Send me a video of your fly casting and I will provide a written analysis of any observed casting faults along with my recommendations for improving your fly cast. This program is Free for the first session and $10 for each follow up session.

How to shoot a video of your fly cast:

  1. Keep the duration of video to less than 15 seconds, if possible use a video trimming tool to cut off any time spent walking to or from the camera
  2. Lay 60 feet of tape on the ground, put cones at 0, 30, and 60 feet, center the camera at 30 feet, cast from 30 feet to 60 feet, and place about 30 to 40 feet between you and the camera
  3. Place the sun behind the camera or the sun behind the trees
  4. Preview the video to make sure you can see the full casting stroke in profile
  5. Your casting arm should be fully visible to the camera
  6. Use a relatively solid background, evergreen trees work well or a dark wall
  7. Use a red or orange colored fly line
  8. Best times to shoot are in the morning or early evening when the sun is low in the sky

  What I Teach:

  • The Basic Fly Cast – Pick-up and Lay Down
  • Static and Dynamic Roll Casting
  • Single Hand Spey Casting
  • Double Haul
  • Belgian Cast
  • False Casting and Shooting Line
  • Galway Saltwater Cast
  • Barnegat Saltwater Cast
  • Saltwater Quick Cast
  • Casting for Windy Conditions
  • Casting for Accuracy
  • Long Distance Casting
  • Euro Nymphing Casting


  • Beginning and Intermediate Fly Caster– $60 per hour for a private lesson
  • Beginning and Intermediate Fly Casters– Three one hour private lessons for $150
  • Beginning Caster– Fly Group Lesson (requires 4 students) $40 per hour per student
  • Advanced Fly Caster– $60 per hour for a private lesson
  • Traveling Fly Casting Coach– I travel where you travel – rate to be determined
  • Fly Fishing Adventures– $To Be Determined




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    If you don’t receive a response within 12hrs, please email me using northwestflycasting@gmail.com, and please include your phone number, current experience level, and your goals, thank you!